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Welcome to the Pentaho community Wiki, the official source of documentation for the Pentaho BI Suite Community Edition.

This documentation is maintained by the Pentaho community, and members are encouraged to create new pages in the appropriate spaces, or edit existing pages that need to be corrected or updated.

Enterprise Edition customers have access to professionally written, role-based, tested guides in the Pentaho Knowledge Base, and should use that as their primary documentation source.

Agile BI
James Dixon's Agile Business Intelligence book manuscript workspace.
The beekeeper model explains Pentaho's open source business philosophy.
BI Platform
Latest version of the Pentaho BI Server community documentation.
Legacy BI Server Documentation
Archived Pentaho BI Server documentation for versions 1.2.x, 1.6.x, and 1.7.x.
Open Scrum
Open Scrum is Pentaho's preferred method of agile software development.
Pentaho Analysis
Latest version of the Pentaho Analysis (Mondrian Project) community documentation.
Pentaho Big Data
Pentaho Community
Main launching page for the Pentaho community
Pentaho Data Integration
Latest version of the Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle Project) community documentation.
Pentaho Data Integration (Korean)
Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle ????) ???? ??? ?? ??.
Pentaho Data Integration (Russian)
Pentaho Data Integration (Spanish)
Ultima versión de la documentación de la comunidad del proyecto Integración de Datos Pentaho (Kettle).
Pentaho Data Mining
Latest version of the Pentaho Data Mining (Weka Project) community documentation.
Pentaho Engineering
Information related to building and testing the BI Platform.
Pentaho Reporting
Latest version of the Pentaho Reporting community documentation.
Recently Updated
about 6 hours ago
Page: Standard MetaStore Element types
Removing data service metastore elements, since these have not been part of the global metastore since 6.0.
Jun 11
Page: .08 Transformation Settings
Fixed link in the "Make the transformation database transactional" section of the Miscellaneous section
Jun 08
Page: Text File Input
Jun 02
Page: Transformation (job entry)
May 31
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 6.X
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 5.X
May 16
Page: Configuring Pentaho for your Hadoop Distro and Version
May 13
Page: Kettle and Karaf Initialization
May 12
Page: S3 File Output
May 12
Page: Pentaho MapReduce
Moved Hadoop Cluster explanation to the Hadoop Cluster section, and made a jump link to that section in the Hadoop Clust...
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Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 5.X (Pentaho Engineering)
Page: Pentaho Release Product Version Matrix 6.X (Pentaho Engineering)
Page: Copy of Manual del Usuario de Spoon (Pentaho Data Integration (Spanish))
Page: Web Services Security (BI Platform)
Page: Using Security from Action Sequences (BI Platform)
Page: Using LDAP and JDBC Simultaneously (BI Platform)
Page: Using Active Directory (BI Platform)
Page: Turning on Security Logging (BI Platform)
Page: Security Configuration Checklist (BI Platform)
Page: Retrieving Roles Using Multiple LDAP Search Filters (BI Platform)