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Sample Instaview template for use with MongoDB that can be easily added to your installation. It demonstrates how to combine data from a traditional data sources with data stored in MongoDB.


In order follow along with this how-to guide you will need a desktop installation of Pentaho Data Integration with Instaview.
Download Instaview


A single-node local cluster is sufficient for these exercises but a larger and/or remote configuration will work as well. You will need to know the address and port that MongoDB is running on and have a user id and password for the server (if applicable).
This guide was developed using the MongoDB version 2.2.1. You can find MongoDB downloads here:

Start MongoDB if is not running.

Data Files

You will need the MongoDB sample zipcode data set. These data are available at: Use mongoimport to load this data set into your mongod instance and name the database Demo and the collection zips.

You will also need the sample sales data CSV available here. Save it to your instaview template Samples/data folder. Navigate to the install directory where Pentaho Data Integration (Instaview) is installed. From there, navigate to:


Add the MongoDB Sales Penetration sample template to your copy of Instaview

Now that there is data in the right place, all we need to do is drop the Template into the correct folder

  1. Get the Template: Click Sales Penetration.ktr to download the Template and save it to your instaview template Samples folder. Navigate to the install directory where Pentaho Data Integration is installed. From there, navigate to:
  2. Switch to Instaview: Start up Pentaho Data Integration (you do not need to restart) and select the "Instaview" perspective.
  3. Try the sample: From the Instaview Welcome Screen:
    1. Click: "Create New"
    2. Click: "Samples"
    3. Select: "Sales Pentration"
    4. Enter a City
    5. Enter a State (2 Character code uppercase) like NY
    6. Click "OK" to run

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