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May 19, 2010 - Mike Tarallo - Using xactions to distrib content via EMAIL, FTP and File Systems

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Michael Tarallo, Pentaho Pre-Sales Director -, showed how to use Action Sequences to distribute content via EMAIL, FTP and File Systems. He also walked through how to build alert based content.

If you thought that Pentaho Action Sequences were only used to run reports, think again. If you have been watching or participating in this series of Community Technical WebEx's on Action Sequence, then you have already seen some great power and creative content that can be developed.

This session explores a bit deeper. Instead of focusing on the visual presentation side, as the other sessions have done, we focus on the distribution and delivery mechanisms of the Pentaho BI Platform that can be exposed through the use of an Action Sequence.

We demonstrate the use of the VS-FTP and FILE output handlers as well as the Email component to distribute report content.


  • Discussion of the Output Handler Beans - pentahoObjects.spring.xml
  • Best practice for easier iterations of testing Action Sequences
  • Switching to the File Based repository
  • Creating an Action Sequence to write a report to the BI Server file system
  • Using the FILE Output Handler - <bean id="file" class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.outputs.FileOutputHandler" scope="session" />
  • Creating an Action Sequence to write a report to an FTP Server
  • Using the VFS-FTP Output Handler - <bean id="vfs-ftp" class="org.pentaho.platform.plugin.outputs.ApacheVFSOutputHandler" scope="session" />
  • Creating an Action Sequence to send a report to Email
  • Using the Email Process Action Component


The recording is now available on the WebEx service site. Click the link below to download or play it:

Pentaho Community Technical WebEx - Using xactions to distrib content via EMAIL, FTP and File Systems-20100519 1405-1
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 10:05 am New York Time
35 Minutes

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