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The Pentaho ChartBeans Project

Pentaho ChartBeans

Pentaho ChartBeans is a wrapper around existing "chart engines" (such as JFreeChart and Open Flash Chart). Wrapping these chart engines creates a single way of expressing charts.

Documentation Links

ChartBeans Tutorial:
Introduction to Pentaho ChartBeans

Pentaho ChartBeans Wiki *

* Under construction. Some parts of this documentation may be obsolete/inaccurate.

Core Contributors

Nick Baker
Curtis Boyden
David Kincade
Mat Lowery
Gretchen Moran
Angelo Rodriguez
Bill Seyler

Source Code Access

Relevant SVN Locations:

Pentaho ChartBeans Subversion repository: svn://
Pentaho ChartBeans ChartComponent Subversion repository: svn://

Note: Building the projects follows the Pentaho Common Build. Run ant -projecthelp for a list of the most common targets.

Community Links

ChartBeans forum:

To discuss Pentaho ChartBeans, please post in the Pentaho Forums. Use the BI Server and Platform forum.

ChartBeans JIRA:

To create defect reports or improvement requests please use the Pentaho JIRA. Use the Pentaho BI Server project and the ChartBeans component when creating JIRA cases.

General Pentaho IRC: ##pentaho

This documentation is maintained by the Pentaho community, and members are encouraged to create new pages in the appropriate spaces, or edit existing pages that need to be corrected or updated.

Please do not leave comments on Wiki pages asking for help. They will be deleted. Use the forums instead.

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