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September 08, 2008
Submitted by Eric Landry, Pentaho Community Member


This tech-tip describes how to create and publish a report using data from an XQuery.

Step 1 - Create the Report

Open Pentaho Report Designer and create a new report called ''. Don't add data sources in the Report Designer. In this report, add a Text Field and a Image URL Field element to the Page Header band. In the Item Band band, add a SubReport element.

In the SubReport that'll be called '', add a Label element in the Report Header band and a Text Field in the Item Band band. Save and close the SubReport.

In the main report, click on the SubReport placeholder. In the Properties window, enter a Query name such as 'barQuery'.

Step 2 - Publish the Report 

In Report Designer, publish the report to the BI Server. This will take the two files ('' and '') and combine them into a report definition file (foo.xml). Publishing will also create 'foo.xaction' and ''.

Step 3 - Modifying the Action Sequence

 In the Eclipse Pentaho Studio, open 'foo.xaction'.

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