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A wrapper class for the liblinear tools (the liblinear classes, typically the jar file, need to be in the classpath to use this classifier).
Rong-En Fan, Kai-Wei Chang, Cho-Jui Hsieh, Xiang-Rui Wang, Chih-Jen Lin (2008). LIBLINEAR - A Library for Large Linear Classification. URL

Available in Weka 3.6.x - 3.7.1. Available via the package management system for Weka >= 3.7.2 (LibLINEAR)


The table below describes the options available for LibLINEAR.

Option Description
SVMType The type of SVM to use.
bias If >= 0, a bias term with that value is added; otherwise (<0) no bias term is added (default: 1).
convertNominalToBinary Whether to turn on conversion of nominal attributes to binary.
cost The cost parameter C.
debug If set to true, classifier may output additional info to the console.
doNotReplaceMissingValues Whether to turn off automatic replacement of missing values. WARNING: set to true only if the data does not contain missing values.
eps The tolerance of the termination criterion.
normalize Whether to normalize the data.
probabilityEstimates Whether to generate probability estimates instead of -1/+1 for classification problems (currently for L2-regularized logistic regression only!)
weights The weights to use for the classes, if empty 1 is used by default.


The table below describes the capabilites of LibLINEAR.

Capability Supported
Class Nominal class, Missing class values, Binary class
Attributes Binary attributes, Nominal attributes, Date attributes, Empty nominal attributes, Unary attributes, Numeric attributes
Min # of instances 1

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