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A filter that 'cleanses' the numeric data from values that are too small, too big or very close to a certain value (e.g., 0) and sets these values to a pre-defined default.


The table below describes the options available for NumericCleaner.

Option Description
attributeIndices The selection of columns to use in the cleansing processs, first and last are valid indices.
closeTo The number values are checked for whether they are too close to and get replaced by a default.
closeToDefault The default value to replace values with that are too close.
closeToTolerance The value below which values are considered close to.
debug Turns on output of debugging information.
decimals The number of decimals to round to, -1 means no rounding at all.
includeClass If disabled, the class attribute will be always left out of the cleaning process.
invertSelection If enabled the selection of the columns is inverted.
maxDefault The default value to replace values that are above the maximum threshold.
maxThreshold The maximum threshold above values are replaced by a default.
minDefault The default value to replace values that are below the minimum threshold.
minThreshold The minimum threshold below values are replaced by a default.


The table below describes the capabilites of NumericCleaner.

Capability Supported
Class Numeric class, Empty nominal class, No class, Relational class, Unary class, Missing class values, Date class, String class, Binary class, Nominal class
Attributes Relational attributes, Missing values, Unary attributes, Nominal attributes, Numeric attributes, Empty nominal attributes, Date attributes, String attributes, Binary attributes
Min # of instances 0

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