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Block this step until steps finish

This step simply waits until all the step copies that are specified in the dialog have finished. 

You can use it to avoid the natural concurrency (parallelism) that exists between transformation step copies.


Option Description
Step name Name of the step.

Note: This name has to be unique in a single transformation.

Watch the following steps Use this grid to specify the steps to wait for.
Get steps Push this button to auto-fill the "Watch the following steps" grid with all steps available in the transformation.

Watch the following steps grid

Use this grid to list the steps to wait for. The grid has the following columns:

Column Description
Step name The name of the step to wait for.
CopyNr The (0-based) copy number of the step. If the named step has an explicit setting for "Change number of copies to start", and you want to wait for all copies to finish, you'll need to enter one row in the grid for each copy, and use this column to specify which copy of the step to wait for. For the default number of copies (1), the CopyNr is always 0.


See file:

samples/transformations/Block this step until steps finish - basic example.ktr

I using version 4.2.0.

Using this function should notice "Nr of rows in rowset"(Settings->Miscellaneous). If ur data quantity over 10K, u'v to change "Nr of rows in rowset" settings(default value is 10K), or ur job will stop at 10Kth data until u find it doesn't work.

Another way is change to use "Blocking Step" function.

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