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In addition to the basic user interface of Carte, there are also web services available that provide execution and status information.  These webservices are used by Kettle to orchestrate execution within a clustered environment, but may also be used by third-parties for integration and monitoring.

Carte Status Service

To retrieve status of your Carte node, you can request the following URL:


This returns an XML result, here is an example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <transname>Row generator test</transname>

Transformation Status Service

The following webservice provides status of a specific transformation within Carte:

http://localhost:<PORT>/kettle/transStatus/?xml=y&name=<TRANSFORMATION NAME>&id=<TRANSFORMATION ID>

Note that the Name and ID can be retrieved from the Carte Status webservice above.

Example XML Result:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <transname>Row generator test</transname>

Job Status Service

The following webservice provides status of a specific job within Carte:

http://localhost:<PORT>/kettle/jobStatus/?xml=y&name=<JOB NAME>&id=<JOB ID>

Services List


ID Name Request class Response class
addExport Upload a resources export file   WebResult
addJob Add a job to the server JobConfiguration WebResult
addTrans Add a transformation for execution TransConfiguration WebResult
allocateSocket Service for the allocation of server sockets    
cleanupTrans Cleanup a transformation: close remote sockets, ...    
executeTrans Execute (prepare and start) a specific transformation and pass output to the servlet    
getSlaves List all registered slave servers    
jobImage Generate a PNG image of a job    
jobStatus Get the status of a job   SlaveServerJobStatus
listSocket Lists server socket allocation information    
nextSequence Get the next block of values for a sequence    
pauseTrans Pause or continue a transformation   WebResult
prepareExec Prepare the execution of a transformation   WebResult
registerSlave Register a slave server   WebResult
removeJob Remove a job from the server   WebResult
removeTrans Remove a transformation   WebResult
runJob Run a job directly from a repository   WebResult
runTrans Run a transformation directly from a repository   WebResult
sniffStep Sniff test a transformation step    
startExec Start the execution of a transformation   WebResult
startJob Start a job   WebResult
startTrans Prepare and start the execution of a transformation   WebResult
status Get the status of the server   SlaveServerStatus
stopJob Stop a job   WebResult
stopTrans Stop a transformation   WebResult
transImage Generate a PNG image of a transformation    
transStatus The the status of a transformation   SlaveServerTransStatus

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