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This document contains the "Frequently Asked Questions" on Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), formerly known as KETTLE. The questions and answers in this document are mainly a summary of questions answered on the discussion forums.  If a question is contained herein, it probably doesn't make sense any more to ask it again on the discussion forum. However if an answer herein is not obvious, ask for a further explanation on the forums referring to the specific FAQ question/answer.

The initial document was created and donated by Sven Boden and distributed as a PDF in the main distribution. It is new restructured for the Wiki space and every one is invited to contribute, please contact


Beginners FAQ

Advanced Users FAQ 

Step Specific FAQ 

Job Entry Specific FAQ 

Bug Reports and Feature Requests

Bug Reports and Feature Requests FAQ

Rejected Feature Requests


Source Code Access 

Development Guidelines 


PDI License FAQ

Pentaho Acquires Kettle FAQ

Hello all,

For almost last 3 days I am wondering to know is there another way to create Dashboard in BI server besides CDF/CDE.

Comment: Posted by rahul at Jan 29, 2013 02:02