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Get repository names

This step lists detailed information about transformations and/or jobs in a repository.

A transformation that is executed while being connected to the repository can query the repository and see which transformations and jobs there are stored in which directory.


  • Step name: the unique name of the transformation step
  • Directory list: the list of queries to perform in the repository
    • directory: the directory to search
    • Name RegEx: the regular expression to match object names
    • Exclude Name RegEx: the regular expression to exclude object names
    • Include subfolders: specify whether or not you want to search sub-folders of the specified directory
  • Selected object types: select if you want to list transformations, jobs or both
  • Include rownum in output? Enable this option if you want to see a row number in the output of this step
  • Rownum field name: the name of the output field for the row number

Output fields

  • object: the full name of the object (/dwh/sales/Main Job)
  • directory: the directory of the object (/dwh/sales)
  • name: the name of the transformation or job (Main Job)
  • object_type: the type: JOB or TRANSFORMATION
  • object_id: the internal repository object ID.  This is the filename for file repositories, an unique integer for database repositories and a UUID for the enterprise repository
  • modified by: the user that last modified the object (when available)
  • modified date: the date of last modification
  • description: the description of the object
  • rownr: optional row number

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