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The HTTP client step performs a simple call to a base URL with options appended as shown below:


The result is stored in a String field with the specified name.


The following table describes the options available for the HTTP client step:

Option Description
Step name Name of the step; this name has to be unique in a single transformation
URL The base URL string
Accept URL from field?
Enable this option if you want to get the URL from a previous step.
Enabling this will also allow you to specify the name of the input field.
URL field name The name of the incoming field that contains the URL
Connection timeout  
Socket timeout The number of seconds to wait if no data is returned from the server.
Connection close wait time  
Result fieldname The name of the field to store results
HTTP status code field name The name of the field to store the HTTP response code (e.g. 200, 404)
Response time (milliseconds) field name The name of the field to store the response time
Http Login The username to be passed during HTTP (Basic) authentication
HTTP Password The password to be passed during HTTP (Basic) authentication
Proxy Host The hostname of the Proxy Server to be used
Proxy Port The port number of the Proxy Server to be used
Parameters Area where you define the parameter name-value pairs to pass on the URL
Custom HTTP Headers
Area where you define optional HTTP headers

Note: The data of the input fields can be escaped by the Calculator step and the function "Mask XML content from string A" or "Escape HTML content"


The HTTP client step doesn't do anything

Q: The HTTP client step doesn't do anything, how do I make it work?

A: The HTTP client step needs to be triggered. Use a Row generator step generating e.g. 1 empty row and link that with a hop to the HTTP client step.

The HTTP client step and SOAP

Q: Does the HTTP client support SOAP?

A: No, it just calls an URL with arguments. Future steps may provide SOAP functionality, Work is underway on a WebService step supporting WSDL. The first experimental version appeared in PDI v2.5.0


samples/transformations/HTTP Client - simple retrieval example.ktr

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