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Translated Kettle Documentation - Spanish - Korean - Russian

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Quick Start and Overview

Documentation for (Database) Developers and Users


Highlighting New Features in PDI 5.0:




Documentation for (Java) Developers

Current Kettle Development & Archive

Further Links & Information

Page: A guide to setting up PDI in a Microsoft client-server style environment
Page: Black Box Testing
Page: Carte User Documentation
Page: Clustering with Pentaho Data Integration
Page: Exporting resources
Page: Feature checkboxes
Page: Frequently Asked Questions
Page: Getting Started
Page: Kitchen User Documentation
Page: Launching job entries in parallel
Page: List of Available Pentaho Data Integration Plug-Ins
Page: My transformation is running slow, what do I do?!
Page: Named Parameters
Page: Pan User Documentation
Page: PDI Developer information
Page: Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) Tutorial
Page: Pentaho Data Integration 3.0 migration guide
Page: Pentaho Data Integration Case Studies
Page: Pentaho Data Integration - Java API Examples
Page: Pentaho Data Integration Job Entries
Page: Pentaho Data Integration Screenshots
Page: Pentaho Data Integration Recorded Demos
Page: Pentaho Data Integration v3.2. Job Entries
Page: Slave servers and clustering
Page: Special database issues and experiences
Page: Spoon User Guide
Page: Step performance monitoring
Page: What's new in PDI version 3.1
Page: What's new in PDI version 3.2
Page: Special Operating System issues and experiences
Page: Writing your own Pentaho Data Integration Plug-In
Page: Documenting Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) Projects
Page: Kettle dependency management
Page: Kettle Exchange
Page: OSGI-enabled Kettle
Page: Monitoring SWT Graphics Resources with Sleak
Page: Data Quality Integration Home
Page: Partitioning data with PDI
Page: Import User Documentation
Page: Configuring log tables for concurrent access
Page: Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) Concepts, Best Practices and Solutions
Page: Pig Script Executor
Page: Marketplace
Page: The Thin Kettle JDBC driver
Page: Database transactions in jobs and transformations
Page: Job checkpoints and restartability
Page: Carte Configuration
Page: Adding Ivy Support and Project Restructure
Page: Column Format
Page: MongoDB Output IC
Page: NuoDB
Page: Documentation Template for Steps and Job Entries
Page: MongoDB Input IC
Page: test
Page: Alfresco Output Plugin for Kettle
Page: Pentaho Data Integration Steps
Page: What's new in PDI 4.0

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