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 This page contains the index for the documentation on all the standard job entries in Pentaho Data Integration.
We invite everyone to add more details, tips and samples to this job entries pages.

Name Category ID Description Main class
Abort job Utility ABORT Abort the job opdje.abort.JobEntryAbort
Add filenames to result File management ADD_RESULT_FILENAMES Add filenames to result opdje.addresultfilenames.JobEntryAddResultFilenames
Amazon EMR Job Executor Big Data EMRJobExecutorPlugin
Execute MapReduce jobs in Amazon EMR
Amazon Hive Job Executor Big Data HiveJobExecutorPlugin
Execute Hive jobs in Amazon EMR AmazonHiveJobExecutor
BulkLoad from Mysql into file Bulk loading MYSQL_BULK_FILE Load from a mysql table into a file opdje.mysqlbulkfile.JobEntryMysqlBulkFile
BulkLoad into MSSQL Bulk loading MSSQL_BULK_LOAD Load data from a file into a MSSQL table opdje.mssqlbulkload.JobEntryMssqlBulkLoad
BulkLoad into Mysql Bulk loading MYSQL_BULK_LOAD Load data from a file into a Mysql table opdje.mysqlbulkload.JobEntryMysqlBulkLoad
Check Db connections Conditions CHECK_DB_CONNECTIONS Check if we can connect to one or several databases. opdje.checkdbconnection.JobEntryCheckDbConnections
Check files locked Conditions CHECK_FILES_LOCKED Check if one or several files are locked by another process opdje.checkfilelocked.JobEntryCheckFilesLocked
Check if a folder is empty Conditions FOLDER_IS_EMPTY Check if a folder is empty opdje.folderisempty.JobEntryFolderIsEmpty
Check if connected to repository Repository CONNECTED_TO_REPOSITORY Return true if we are connected to a repository opdje.connectedtorepository.JobEntryConnectedToRepository
Check if XML file is well formed XML XML_WELL_FORMED Check if one or several XML files is/are well formed opdje.xmlwellformed.JobEntryXMLWellFormed
Check webservice availability Conditions WEBSERVICE_AVAILABLE Check if a webservice is available opdje.webserviceavailable.JobEntryWebServiceAvailable
Checks if files exist Conditions FILES_EXIST Checks if files exists opdje.filesexist.JobEntryFilesExist
Columns exist in a table Conditions COLUMNS_EXIST Check if one or several columns exist in a table on a specified connection opdje.columnsexist.JobEntryColumnsExist
Compare folders File management FOLDERS_COMPARE compare two folders (or two files) opdje.folderscompare.JobEntryFoldersCompare
Convert file between Windows and Unix File management DOS_UNIX_CONVERTER Convert file content between Windows and Unix. Converting to Unix will replace CRLF (Carriage Return and line Feed) by LF (Line Feed) opdje.dostounix.JobEntryDosToUnix
Copy Files File management COPY_FILES Copy Files opdje.copyfiles.JobEntryCopyFiles
Copy or Move result filenames File management COPY_MOVE_RESULT_FILENAMES Copy or Move result filenames (since version 5.0, this job entry has been renamed to Process result filenames and handles Delete as well)
Create a folder File management CREATE_FOLDER Create a folder opdje.createfolder.JobEntryCreateFolder
Create file File management CREATE_FILE Create (an empty) file opdje.createfile.JobEntryCreateFile
Decrypt files with PGP File encryption PGP_DECRYPT_FILES Decrypt files encrypted with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This job entry need GnuPG to work properly. opdje.pgpdecryptfiles.JobEntryPGPDecryptFiles
Delete file File management DELETE_FILE Delete a file opdje.deletefile.JobEntryDeleteFile
Delete filenames from result File management DELETE_RESULT_FILENAMES Delete filenames from result opdje.deleteresultfilenames.JobEntryDeleteResultFilenames
Delete files File management DELETE_FILES Delete files opdje.deletefiles.JobEntryDeleteFiles
Delete folders File management DELETE_FOLDERS Delete specified folders. Attention : if a the folder contains files, PDI will delete them all! opdje.deletefolders.JobEntryDeleteFolders
Display Msgbox Info Utility MSGBOX_INFO Display a simple Message box Information opdje.msgboxinfo.JobEntryMsgBoxInfo
DTD Validator XML DTD_VALIDATOR DTD Validator opdje.dtdvalidator.JobEntryDTDValidator
DUMMY (internal: SPECIAL)
Use the Dummy job entry to do nothing in a job. opdje.special.JobEntrySpecial
Encrypt files with PGP File encryption PGP_ENCRYPT_FILES Encrypt files with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This job entry need GnuPG to work properly. opdje.pgpencryptfiles.JobEntryPGPEncryptFiles
Evaluate files metrics Conditions EVAL_FILES_METRICS Evaluate files size or files count opdje.evalfilesmetrics.JobEntryEvalFilesMetrics
Evaluate rows number in a table Conditions EVAL_TABLE_CONTENT Evaluate the content of a table. You can also specify a SQL query. opdje.evaluatetablecontent.JobEntryEvalTableContent
Example plugin General DummyJob This is an example test job entry for a plugin pdi.jobentry.dummy.JobEntryDummy
Export repository to XML file Repository EXPORT_REPOSITORY Export repository to XML file opdje.exportrepository.JobEntryExportRepository
File Compare File management FILE_COMPARE Compare 2 files opdje.filecompare.JobEntryFileCompare
File Exists Conditions FILE_EXISTS Checks if a file exists opdje.fileexists.JobEntryFileExists
FTP Delete File transfer FTP_DELETE Delete files in a remote host opdje.ftpdelete.JobEntryFTPDelete
Get a file with FTP File transfer FTP Get files using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) opdje.ftp.JobEntryFTP
Get a file with FTPS File transfer FTPS_GET Get a file with FTP secure opdje.ftpsget.JobEntryFTPSGet
Get a file with SFTP File transfer SFTP Get files using Secure FTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) opdje.sftp.JobEntrySFTP
Get mails (POP3/IMAP) Mail GET_POP Get mails (POP3/IMAP) server and save into a local folder opdje.getpop.JobEntryGetPOP
Hadoop Copy Files
Big Data
Hadoop job executor Big Data
HadoopJobExecutorPlugin Execute a map/reduce job contained in a jar file opdje.hadoopjobexecutor.JobEntryHadoopJobExecutor
HL7 MLLP Acknowledge
HL7 MLLP Input
HTTP File management HTTP Gets or uploads a file using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) opdje.http.JobEntryHTTP
JavaScript Scripting EVAL Evaluates the result of the execution of a previous job entry opdje.eval.JobEntryEval
Job General JOB Executes a job opdje.job.JobEntryJob
Mail Mail MAIL Sends an e-Mail opdje.mail.JobEntryMail
Mail validator Mail JobCategory.Category.Mail_VALIDATOR Check the validity of an email address ( SNMP trap to a target host opdje.mailvalidator.JobEntryMailValidator
Move Files File management MOVE_FILES Move Files opdje.movefiles.JobEntryMoveFiles
MS Access Bulk Load Bulk loading MS_ACCESS_BULK_LOAD Load data into a Microsoft Access table from CSV file format. ATTENTION, at the moment only the insertion is available! If target table exists, a new one will be created and data inserted. opdje.msaccessbulkload.JobEntryMSAccessBulkLoad
Oozie Job Executor
Big Data
Palo Cube Create
PALO_CUBE_CREATE Creates a cube on a Palo server
Palo Cube Delete
PALO_CUBE_DELETE Deletes a cube on a Palo server
Pentaho MapReduce Big Data HadoopTransJobExecutorPlugin
Execute Transformation Based MapReduce Jobs in Hadoop
Pig Script Executor Big Data HadoopPigScriptExecutorPlugin Execute a Pig script on a Hadoop cluster opdje.pig.JobEntryPigScriptExecutor
Ping a host Utility PING Ping a host
Put a file with FTP File transfer FTP_PUT Put a file with FTP opdje.ftpput.JobEntryFTPPUT
Process result filenames File management COPY_MOVE_RESULT_FILENAMES Copy, Move or Delete result filenames opdje.copymoveresultfilenames.JobEntryCopyMoveResultFilenames
Put a file with SFTP File transfer SFTPPUT Put files using SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) opdje.sftpput.JobEntrySFTPPUT
Send information using Syslog Utility SYSLOG Sends information to another server using the Syslog protocol.
Send Nagios passive check
SEND_NAGIOS_PASSIVE_CHECK Send Nagios passive checks
Send SNMP trap Utility SNMP_TRAP Send SNMP trap to a target host opdje.snmptrap.JobEntrySNMPTrap
Set variables General SET_VARIABLES Set one or several variables. opdje.setvariables.JobEntrySetVariables
Shell Scripting SHELL Executes a shell script
Simple evaluation Conditions SIMPLE_EVAL Evaluate one field or variable opdje.simpleeval.JobEntrySimpleEval
Spark Submit
Big Data   Submit Spark jobs
SQL Scripting SQL Executes SQL on a certain database connection opdje.sql.JobEntrySQL
Sqoop Export Big Data SqoopExport
Export data from the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) into a relational database (RDBMS) using Apache Sqoop
Sqoop Import Big Data SqoopImport Import data from a relational database (RDBMS) into the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) using Apache Sqoop
SSH2 Get Deprecated SSH2_GET Get files using SSH2 (Deprecated in 5.0 in favor of the SFTP job entry)
SSH2 Put Deprecated SSH2_PUT Put files in a remote host using SSH2 (Deprecated in 5.0 in favor of the SFTP job entry) opdje.ssh2put.JobEntrySSH2PUT
START (internal: SPECIAL) Start is where the job starts to execute and is required before the job can be executed. opdje.special.JobEntrySpecial
Start a PDI Cluster on YARN Big Data StartYarnKettleCluster Starts a YARN Kettle Cluster org.pentaho.di.job.entries.startyarncluster.StartYarnCluster
Stop a PDI Cluster on YARN Big Data StopYarnKettleCluster
Stops a YARN Kettle Cluster org.pentaho.di.job.entries.stopyarncluster.StopYarnCluster
Success General SUCCESS Success opdje.success.JobEntrySuccess
Table exists Conditions TABLE_EXISTS Checks if a table exists on a database connection opdje.tableexists.JobEntryTableExists
Talend Job Execution Utility TALEND_JOB_EXEC This job entry executes an exported Talend Job opdje.talendjobexec.JobEntryTalendJobExec
Telnet a file File transfer TELNET This job entry transfers a file using Telnet opdje.telnet.JobEntryTelnet
Transformation General TRANS Executes a transformation opdje.trans.JobEntryTrans
Truncate tables Utility TRUNCATE_TABLES Truncate one or several tables. opdje.truncatetables.JobEntryTruncateTables
Unzip file File management UNZIP Unzip file in a targer folder opdje.unzip.JobEntryUnZip
Upload files to FTPS File transfer FTPS_PUT Upload files to a FTP secure opdje.ftpsput.JobEntryFTPSPUT
Verify file signature with PGP File encryption PGP_VERIFY_FILES Verify file signature with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). This job entry need GnuPG to work properly. opdje.pgpverify.JobEntryPGPVerify
Wait for Conditions DELAY Wait for a delay opdje.delay.JobEntryDelay
Wait for file File management WAIT_FOR_FILE Wait for a file opdje.waitforfile.JobEntryWaitForFile
Wait for SQL Utility WAIT_FOR_SQL Scan a database and success when a specified condition on returned rows is true. opdje.waitforsql.JobEntryWaitForSQL
Write to file File management WRITE_TO_FILE Write text content to file. opdje.writetofile.JobEntryWriteToFile
Write To Log Utility WRITE_TO_LOG Write message to log opdje.writetolog.JobEntryWriteToLog
XSD Validator XML XSD_VALIDATOR XSD Validator opdje.xsdvalidator.JobEntryXSDValidator
XSL Transformation XML XSLT Make an XSL Transformation opdje.xslt.JobEntryXSLT
Zip file File management ZIP_FILE Zip files from a directory and process files opdje.zipfile.JobEntryZipFile

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