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Pentaho Reporting Output

This step renders a report designed by Pentaho Report Designer, a so called prpt file.  The various output options available to the Pentaho Reporting engine are exposed (PDF, HTML, Excel, ...).


  • Step name: the name of the step, unique in the transformation
  • Report definition file: the field that will contain the name of the PRPT file during execution.
  • Output file: the field that will contain the name of the output field during execution.
  • Parameter fields: you can pass values from one or more input fields to the pre-defined parameters in the report.  Note: To pass data to String arrays make sure the data is tab-separated.  You can use the "Get report parameters" button to import parameters from an existing report.


Here is a simple example where there is one parameter:
Another example can be found in your Kettle distribution package:

 samples/transformations/Pentaho Reporting Output Example.ktr