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New hires and access to internal engineering applications

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New hires will need access to online tools at Pentaho. Some authenticate through AD, some don’t and still more do other things. When a new hire is being onboarded, there will be a menu of options on IT’s “New Hire” form and hiring managers must fill out the form and choose which applications a new hire will need access to. 

Sample New Hire form: New Hire Template.doc

Getting the supporting user info up front helps but will still have a dependency on the IT organization before we can setup ENGOPS applications, so be aware that access to these will occur sometime after the new hire’s AD access occurs. Not at the same time. Manage expectations for new hires. Let them know that Engops account access follows AD as quickly as possible but that there’s going to a some latency.
Github – Requires a Github ID. In order to add a user to any repos, we’ll need to learn what their ID is from the hiring manager so if that’s on the “New Hire” form that’ll help that occur more quickly.
Email the following information to with your request.

  • Real name:
  • Pentaho AD username:
  • Managers' name:
  • Github ID:

Mindtouch access or request additional permissions for an existing Mindtouch account;

Email the following information to with your request.

  • Real name:
  • Pentaho AD username:
  • Optional instructions as needed:

 Slack – Requires a email address and Slack users are added manually after users have been added to AD.

  •  If you have a team member that needs to be on Slack, you or they can email directly and the request will be forwarded to Engops.
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