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Pillar Upgrade HOWTOs

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In general, the process of upgrading Mondrian in the projects that depend on it is:

  1. Look at Mondrian's ivy.xml, and note the versions that it requires for the following JARs:
  • mondrian.jar
  • eigenbase-properties.jar
  • eigenbase-resgen.jar
  • eigenbase-xom.jar
  • jpivot.jar
  • olap4j.jar
  1. Many projects will pull these transitive dependencies in automatically, but if they don't, you will need to update the Mondrian-dependent projects to use the correct versions of Mondrian's transitive dependencies.
  2. If upgrading to a Mondrian SNAPSHOT, be sure that changing="true".

Upgrade according to the Ivy dependency report

Run the CI job called Project dependency reports:

Upgrade Kettle

Kettle does not yet use Ivy so Kettle will not show up in the dependency report. You must manually check-in Mondrian and its transitive dependencies. Typically, Mondrian and its dependencies are found at the following paths:

  • libext/pentaho/olap4j*.jar
  • libext/mondrian/*.jar
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