Pentaho BI Server Marketplace Plugin

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Provide Pentaho, Partners, and Community Developers a marketplace for plugins within the BI Server product.

This project is under active development here:


As a BI Server Admin, I want to

 - browse available plugins that are compatible with the current release
- install a plugin from within my BI Server application
- see which plugins I have installed
 - see if there are any updates to my installed plugins
 - update an installed plugin
 - uninstall a plugin
 - See the download and install progress via a progress indicator
 - View links related to a plugin including bug reporting, enhancements, feedback page, project page, etc.
 - configure my plugin before installing

As a Plugin Developer, I want to
 - add my plugin to the list of available plugins
 - update my plugin information when a new release is available
 - provide downloads to several versions of a plugin (stable / rc / beta / whatever)
 - describe plugin dependencies and require those dependencies to be available before allowing user to install


Access the marketplace as an admin via Tools -> Marketplace

Click on Install Now to install a plugin...

Once installed, notify the admin that a server restart is required

Additional Ideas and Notes

 - Backup plugins before upgrading and uninstalling
 - Use PDI Job for scripting the download, install, upgrade and uninstall process
 - Ability to configure "Marketplace" server, Support for multiple "Marketplace" servers
 - Detect when customizations have been made to a plugin during upgrade
 - Search, Sort, Featured Plugins
 - Reviews and Ratings of Plugins
 - Built-in telemetry for plugin developers
 - Clearly define community rules for posting plugins
 - Look into reusing this in PDI (steps, jobs, etc) and other Pentaho projects
 - Support for paid plugins

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