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This is the Community Home Page for Pentaho Product Management.  This will serve as the central location for tracking new features being developed as part of our sprinting process as well as our roadmap.

Public Roadmap - Pentaho Roadmap 061714.pptx

What's New in 5.0

What's new in 5.0 PPT - WhatsNewIn50 final 0904.pptx

New Home Page

New landing page aimed at the user with recents and favorites.


New plug-able perspectives that allow the cleaner navigation between functions and reports.  Also, allows you to build your own custom perspectives for your own solutions

Consolidated Security

You will notice Pentaho no longer bundles Pentaho Enterprise Console into the product.  Security has been consolidated into the Pentaho User Console.  We have also improved the LDAP/AD set up and added action based security.

New CMS/Browse Perspectives

Pentaho is now using JCR as its repository backed by PostGres out of the box.  We will also support MySQL and Oracle as a supported repository db.

New Theme

Pentaho is introducing Crystal.  It's the new theme you will see through out the Pentaho User Console.  As part of the new theme you will also see a significant redesign of the toolbars and plug-ins.

Streamline Scheduling

We have streamlined scheduling into a single paradigm that allows users to drive and create their own parameterized reports.  We also have given administrators the ability to set blockout periods to protect resource during high utilizations.

Report Designer on MongoDB

Create operational reports directly on MongoDB utilizing Pentaho Report Designer.  Pentaho is leveraging its expanded MongoDB functionality in Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) in order to introspect a sample of your MongoDB documents to determine a field list for you to create your reports directly against MongoDB.

Job/Transformation Restartability

Pentaho has added some enterprise grade functionality to Pentaho Data Integration which enables jobs and transformations to be easily restarted from a point failure as well as rollback any unfinished transactions.

Audit Mart

Pentaho is now packaging an Audit mart that will track and report the most pertinent data of both your Data Integration (DI) and Business Analytics (BA) servers.  We have also prepackaged valuable reports and charts that help guide you to quickly spot issues with reports, jobs, and transformations.

What's Coming in 5.1

Currently Under Development

Stay Tuned!!!


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