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The Pentaho BI Platform is a process-centric, workflow-enabled, scalable platform for solving Business Intelligence problems. This document was written for evaluators who want to get the Pentaho BI Platform up and running on a local machine quickly and for the business or technical professional who wants to review the platform functionality firsthand.

The following information in included in this document:

  • How to download the demo and which version is right for your needs
  • How to install and set up the product
  • How to use the samples. The samples demonstrate how individual features work and how different features can be combined to achieve different effects.

Note: This document covers the Pre-Configured Installation distributions of the platform only. If you want to build the platform from the source or deploy our Web application into your own application server, see Manual Deployment of Pentaho.

The Pre-Configured Installation is a complete server installation that allows you to evaluate the features of the Pentaho BI Platform. It includes a pre-configured Application Server/Web Server, pre-configured and pre-populated application databases, sample data, and fully-functional samples.

If you are evaluating features of the Pentaho BI Platform on an MS Windows computer, follow the green "tip" icons. Information and instructions for users of  *NIX or Mac OS/X, are included in paragraphs between tips.

System Requirements

Below are the minimum recommended system requirements for running the pre-configured installation on Intel-based devices:

  • Disk space: 300 MB
  • CPU: Pentium dual-core
  • RAM: 2 GB


The Pentaho BI Platform is distributed as Open Source under the Mozilla Public License (MPL). A copy of the license is available at

Document Sections

Other Resources

In addition to this document, several other downloads, documentation, and resources are available:

Resource How to get it
Pentaho Web Site

Product information | |

Technical Whitepaper

This document describes the architecture of the Pentaho BI Platform and why it is unique | Available as a PDF download |

Manual Deployment Guide

This document provides answers to platform installation questions, how to build the platform from source and deployment information.
| Manual Deployment of Pentaho

Creating Pentaho Solutions

This document provides detailed information on how to build Pentaho solutions.
| Creating Pentaho Solutions

Product Roadmap

Our development roadmap is publicly accessible

This is available as:

  • Online report (updated daily)
  • Downloadable PDF

This Web site provides up-to-date information, discussion forums, FAQs and additional design documents.
| Community |

I followed installation directions, but I am getting jboss error after loging.

HTTP Status 500

description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

exception javax.servlet.ServletException: Filter execution threw an exception
root cause java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

Comment: Posted by Willian Suarez at Nov 04, 2007 08:36

I have the same issue, can somebody help?

Comment: Posted by Mauricio at Dec 08, 2007 19:24

Is the database setup properly?

Comment: Posted by Neville Chan at Dec 12, 2007 19:59

Is there a VMware version of the BI?

Comment: Posted by Anonymous at Apr 19, 2008 23:57

Guys, same thing happening with me. HTTP Status 500 error !!!

Comment: Posted by Anonymous at May 04, 2008 12:24

I'm stuck here as well.  I get the same error as listed above with mysql preconfigured, I get the login page from the my.ip:8080 and any of the logins (joe, suzy, tiffany, pat) all give me the same http 500 & exceptions as are listed above.

I'm assuming people have resolved this by now, can someone please post a solution?  If I get around it, I'll be sure to post here.  Thanks...

Comment: Posted by Anonymous at May 05, 2008 20:00

I have the same problem too...

Please, does anybody knows how to resolve it?

Thanks a lot.

Comment: Posted by Anonymous at May 26, 2008 07:26

I got by it by granting access to the information schema and mysql schemas directly in mysql -> then bounce the server

Comment: Posted by Anonymous at May 30, 2008 22:24

granted all permission to the mysql schema created by pentaho-demo to information_schema, mysql, quartz and sampledata. restarted pentaho-demo server. still get the same error

Comment: Posted by Anonymous at Jun 19, 2008 17:37

Hi everyone. I have started to work with the pre configured BI server and actually everything have been fine. I have done my first analysis view with my own cube which is built with schema workbench. At this moment I can see that we can get results from this schema definition using a transactional data base but I though the reports must have to come from another type of data base with another strructure where the data would be sumarized.

My question is if the fact table and the dimensions have a physical space in the data base or the cube is just a definition wich i can use to get data in a multidimensional  structure.

 Luis Santos Venezuela

Comment: Posted by luis santos at Oct 01, 2008 08:34