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Getting Started for Java Developers

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h1. Pentaho Big Data Plugin {div:style=float:right}[!!|]{div}

h1. Quick Start: Building the project

The Pentaho Big Data Plugin is built with [Apache Ant|] and uses [Apache Ivy|] for dependency management. All you'll need to get started is Ant 1.7.0 or newer to build the project. The build scripts will download Ivy if you do not already have it installed.
The Pentaho Big Data Plugin is now a [maven project|]. Please refer to the [project readme|] for build information.

{code}git clone git://
cd big-data-plugin

h1. Developing with Eclipse

We recommend [Apache IvyDE|] to manage your Ivy dependencies within Eclipse.

# Import pentaho-big-data-plugin into Eclipse
# Resolve the project using IvyDE

If IvyDE is not an option then you can manually add the jars from lib/ and libswt/ to your class path. This project, like all other Pentaho projects, uses the open source [Subfloor|] Ant build framework. Running the following targets will configure the Eclipse project to reference the required libraries:

{code}ant resolve create-dot-classpath{code}

Then import or refresh the project in Eclipse.

h3. Debugging

h3. Remote Debugging

If you want to see your code executing within Spoon we recommend remote debugging. This approach can be used with Pan, Kitchen, or the BA/DI Server as well. The workflow is as follows:

# Download/Checkout Kettle (currently at 4.4.0-SNAPSHOT)
## CI Build: []
## SVN Source: svn://
# Configure the big data plugin's kettle.dist.dir property via {{}}:
# Launch Kettle with remote debugging and attach Eclipse to the process
## Configure the script you're using to start Spoon (Mac OS X uses the {{Data Integration 64-bit/Contents/Info.plist}}:
### Add {{\-Xdebug \-Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5005}} to the JVM Arguments
#### {{}} or {{Spoon.bat}}: Update line 158 and add the above JVM arguments to the {{OPT}} variable
#### {{Data Integration 64-bit/Contents/Info.plist}}: Update the VMOptions property and append the above JVM arguments


h1. Contributing Changes

# Fork the project from []
# Clone your repository: {code}git clone{code}
# * \* Hack away *
# Stage and commit changes. Please make sure your commit messages include the JIRA case for your changes. It should be in the format: \[JIRA-CASE\] Short description of fixes.: {code}git add . && git commit{code}
# Push changes back up to Github: {code}git push{code}

Here's a short list of resources to help you learn and master Git:
- []
- []
- []
- []

h1. Documentation

h2. Hadoop Configuration

- [Creating a new configuration (shim)|]

This documentation is maintained by the Pentaho community, and members are encouraged to create new pages in the appropriate spaces, or edit existing pages that need to be corrected or updated.

Please do not leave comments on Wiki pages asking for help. They will be deleted. Use the forums instead.

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