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Using a Custom Input or Output Format in Pentaho MapReduce

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h2. Deploy the JAR

# *Deploy the JAR to Pentaho:* Pentaho validates the file and input and output format classes exist before submitting to the cluster, so add the jar to Kettle's classpath by copying the jar to $KETTLE_HOME/libext/pentaho and restarting Spoon. If running from a Spoon client, copy the jar to the [shim|]'s lib/client folder.
# *Deploy the JAR to Hadoop:* Add the jar to Hadoop's distributed cache by running the following commands:
{code}hadoop fs -mkdir /distcache
| Name | Value |
| mapred.cache.files | Add ,/distcache/CustomFileFormats.jar to the existing value. |
| mapred.job.classpath.files | Add :,/distcache/CustomFileFormats.jar to the existing value. |
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