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This section contains a series of How-Tos that demonstrate the integration between Pentaho and the Cassandra NoSQL Database.

These how-to guides show, with step-by-step instructions, how to write data to, read data from, Cassandra using graphical tools. These guides include instructions on how to sort and group data, create reports, and combine data from Cassandra with data from other sources. Some of these guides are available as screen casts with audio commentary.

Cassandra Topics


In order follow along with these how-to guides you will need the following:


A single-node local cluster is sufficient for these exercises but a larger and/or remote configuration will work as well.
These guides were developed using the Apache Cassandra distribution version 1.0.3. You can find Apache Cassandra downloads here:

Pentaho Data Integration

A desktop installation of Kettle You can download this software here: Downloads