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  • Simple Chrome Extension to browse HDFS volumes
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How to add a Chrome Omnibox extension to support HDFS browsing.

At the link below is a quick Chrome Omnibox extension to support HDFS browsing.  Basically you type in "hdfs" and a space, then the simplified file path, which is the hostname without a port followed by the pathname.


As an example using a node called "bad-qa-apahad", if you type hdfs then space then enter the following:


You should see something like this:

Then when you hit enter it will build and load the browse URL for you:

The current version assumes HTTP (not HTTPS) protocol, a browse port of 50075, and a NameNode info port of 50070.  Also, remember to add the hostnames to your hosts file if they are not resolved by your DNS servers.

To install, open a Chrome tab pointing to chrome://chrome/extensions/ and drag the CRX file (saved from the above link) onto the page.

NOTE: I no longer have access to the source for this extension, but you can alter the unpacked extension (to change ports, etc.) by using the procedure outlined at:

Someday I will unpack this for myself and post the source to GitHub.

I welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions, feel free to email me at  

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