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  • 4. The General Model
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If we generalize the workings of the bee farm we can draw this diagram:

The arrows in the diagram above are a little misleading because it looks like there is a bi-directional flow that can occur at any point in time. In reality there is a ordered flow:

  1. The process starts with the Community / Raw Material team creating something that is of value to the community (bee hives and feed in the case of the beekeeper). 
  2. The community (acting in their own best interest) behaves in such a way that one of the natural outputs of their activity is beneficial to the company.
  3. The raw materials created as a result of the community's activity is processed by the 'Go To Market' team into a whole product that is easy for customers to consume.
  4. The customers, in paying for the product, fund the addition of reasources to the community team.

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