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  • 5. The Proprietary Model
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This diagram shows the high-level workings of a proprietary software development company.

This diagram is a very simplified representation of the real-world workings within a proprietary software development organization. There are obviously many communication paths, touch-points, and cross-functional deliverables that occur that are not shown on this diagram. However it is useful if we view the model this way and compare it with the diagrams of the open source and professional open source models.

  • Engineering has two roles in this model: first to create software, and secondly to participate in the 'Go To Market' program.
  • Product Management 'owns' the product roadmap and has the responsibility of creating it by collating the requirements of Sales, Marketing and customers. They also act as a buffer between Engineering and these groups. This is done for two reasons: to keep engineers focused on writing software, and to control the flow of information from engineers to customers. Product Managers also describe how the features are to be turned into 'whole product'.
  • Note that the roles of the Sales, Marketing, Support, and Services departments are focused on the customers.
  • It is the 'Go To Market' program that creates the 'Whole Product' that mainstream customers require.

The customer is not very involved in the process of creating the software.

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