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This is a recorded presentation of the Beekeeper model. Its about 25 minutes so you might want to grab a coffee and make yourself comfortable. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. I think you have done a wonderful presentation and clear speech.

    Learning from you is a pleasure.



  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for this presentation - I found it very informative.  The question I have though is an obvious one:

    Is the monetary value of the community's input into a project equal to that of the reduced monetary return from the customers?  In a word, is it viable?

    thanks again,


  3. Anonymous

    hi Guys,

    I would love to watch the video,ufortunately it is not running netither in IE nor FF. Can you fix it please?

    Thank you!

  4. Anonymous

    I am also unable to watch the video. Can someone fix this ?

     I have tried both FF and IE.

     Thanks !

  5. Anonymous

    Still no video.  Can't get past loading Camtasia controls.

  6. user-00990

    If you are having trouble seeing the video, try the menu on the left:

    Page Operations -> Attatchments -> bee2.camrec.swf

    hope that helps.

  7. Anonymous

    The sidebar link works for ff on ubuntu.