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When connecting to file systems through the Virtual File System (VFS) in Kettle, you may need to set up configuration properties. For example the SSH File Transfer Protocol (sometimes called Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP) may require an encryption key to connect to the server.

There is a sample transformation outlining some of the parameters that can be set in the samples/transformations folder called VFS Configuration Sample.ktr.

 VFS Parameters

The VFS configuration options follow the format:

' vfs ' is required to indicate a VFS configuration option
' scheme ' is required to indicate the VFS scheme against which the parameter will be applied
' parameter ' is the name of the VFS-Scheme configuration parameter to apply

Note: This is case sensitive.

 (Any string configuration parameter of a VFS scheme is supported by default.)

 FileSystem specific notes


The standard SFTP URL format is sftp://username:password@host:port/path
If you are using private key authentication, password is not supported. If your key requires a passphrase you must use the 'authkeypassphrase' configuration parameter.

The configuration options support limiting of the option to a specific host.
This is accomplished by adding the hostname, seperated by a ' . ' after the parameter name.
For instance, you may wish to turn of StrictHostKeyChecking for a specific host only.

SFTP supports the following options:
StrictHostKeyChecking - If 'no', the certificate of any remote host will be accepted. If 'yes', the remote host must exist in the known hosts file (~/.ssh/known_hosts).
authkeypassphrase - An optional passphrase that may be required to use the identity key
identity - The fully qualified path to the private key used for SFTP authentication

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  1. user-5d86a

    This explanation of configuring VFS in Kettle apparently works only on platforms after the bugfix in PDI-2791, more info in this forum post on VFS.

    I tested it first on a v3.2.0 version where it didn't work and recently on a v4.0.0 RC1 nightly build were it did work.

  2. user-5d86a

    The sample referred to in the first paragraph ("VFS Configuration Sample.ktr") is not included in the stable versions at this point in time.

    Look at the first comment on PDI-2722 to understand and retrieve it from the Subversion repository.