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  • Contribution 1 - Code Gets Posted in a Forum Thread
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  1. The JIRA Case: Looking over the thread, Doug decides this could be a valuable contribution. He replies to the thread thanking NewHotShot (the user's id), and pointing him to our "How to Contribute" document, since NewHotShot is now getting sucked into the process. Doug creates a JIRA case for user NewHotShot, since NewHotShot has never contributed before, and Doug's penchant for distractions.
  2. Identify the Team: In the JIRA case, Doug identifies himself as the Assignee of the case, and NewHotShot as the Community Member.
  3. Work Together: Doug asks NewHotShot to send a JUnit case for his contribution, and NewHotShot is pleasantly obliged to do so.
  4. Eureka! ...Or Not: Doug asks NewHotShot to submit his JUnit case to JIRA. Since Doug already had the code, and is a nice guy, he submits the code for NewHotShot.
  5. Line Up Tracking: Doug checks to be sure that JIRA has all the information linking the code submissions with the original JIRA report.
  6. Contribution Review: Doug knows that NewHotShot has agreed to the Contributor's Agreement, because he found the contribution in a forum thread. He looks over the code, and deems it worthy of execution. Upon testing the code, Doug finds that there is an exception case unaccounted for. He contacts NewHotShot, who then submits the exception code to JIRA. Doug retrieves the code, tests it and all works well.
  7. Check It In: Doug checks the code in to Subversion referencing the JIRA case number.
  8. Update Tracking: Doug updates the JIRA case, flagging it as a contribution.
  9. Contribution Attribution: Community leader makes sure that attribution is given to NewHotShot.
  10. Feedback: Doug contacts NewHotShot, thanks him for the contribution and tells him how he can get the latest code to try it all out. Doug offers NewHotShot the opportunity to work on a related project. NewHotShot accepts and the process starts all over again.
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