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  • Contribution 2 - Community Leader Assigns Testing to a Community Member
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  1. The JIRA Case: Tony D alerts Gretchen to the fact that we don't have enough testing coverage on Websphere. Gretchen looks in the database and sees that IBMBob has access to Websphere servers. Gretchen contacts IBMBob and he agrees to help with the testing. Gretchen opens a JIRA case to track IBMBob's efforts.
  2. Identify the Team: Gretchen lists IBMBob as the Community Member on the case, and assigns Brian as the Assignee. Gretchen messages Anthony on her decisions, and Tony D sees that Brian's plate is overflowing and re-assigns the case to Lee.
  3. Work Together: After Lee communicates the desired test metrics to IBMBob, and two or three follow-up emails, IBMBob has feedback and statistics from his WebSphere testing.
  4. Eureka! ...Or Not: IBMBob submits his feedback, test results and documentation on Websphere configuration to JIRA.
  5. Line Up Tracking: Lee checks to be sure that JIRA has all the information linking IBMBob's submissions with the original JIRA report.
  6. Contribution Review Lee is not sure that IBMBob is registered with, but is sure he is registered with JIRA, so the Contribution Agreement has been taken care of. He looks over IBMBob's documentation, and merges it with the Advanced Installation wiki documentation. In reviewing IBMBob's test results, Lee has questions, so he contacts IBMBob for clarification. Once clarified, Lee forwards IBMBob's findings to all interested parties.
  7. Check It In: Lee sends the test results to the test result vault.
  8. Update Tracking: Lee updates the JIRA case, flagging it as a contribution among other updates.
  9. Contributor Attribution: Community leader makes sure that attribution is given to IBMBob.
  10. Feedback: Brian sends IBMBob an email thanking him for his help and asks if he would like to test some WebSphere clustering for us. IBMBob declines as he is going on a 6 month holiday to Belgium. Brian makes a note to tell the Community leader about IBMBob's opt out due to holiday so she can record IBMBob as unavailable for the 6 month duration.
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