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We do still have a Contributor's Agreement, which we need every person making a contribution to agree to - or do not contribute. There are a couple of ways that you know a contributor has agreed to the Contributor's Agreement:

  1. If the community member has an account on, they have checked a box agreeing to the Contributor's Agreement. They cannot finish registration on the site without checking that box.
  2. If the community member has a JIRA account, they have also had to check a box agreeing to the Contributor's Agreement.
  3. If you are unsure, send the Community Leader an email with the person's name and she can check.

The exact contributor agreement is here:


GEM - not able to associate the contributors agreement with the user account in JIRA as of 3.6.2. We can modify the sign-up .jsp notifying anyone who creates an account in our system is agreeing to the contributor's agreement.

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