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CDF is now available on Google Code

The latest code can be downloaded from here.

Please enter all bugs and feature requests in the issues list.

You can get the code via subversion now.

Latest version: 3.2

Legacy versions

Version 3.1 available with pentaho 3.0

Download version 2.1-RC1

Download version 2.0.1

Download version 2.0.0

Dashboards.jsp for Pentaho 2.0


  • For CDF 3.2: Pentaho platform 3.0.0.stable or 3.5.0.stable
  • For CDF 3.1: Pentaho platform 3.0.0.stable
  • For CDF 3.0 Lisbon: Pentaho platform 2.0.0.stable
  • For CDF 3.0 Dusseldorf: Pentaho platform 1.7
  • For CDF 2.1-RC1: Pentaho platform 2.0-rc1
  • For CDF <= 2.0.1: Pentaho platform 1.7 (can be backported to 1.6 with some modifications, or 2.0 with the alternative Dashboards.jsp)
  • Works on Jboss or Tomcat deploy (version 2.1-RC1 works only on tomcat, due to pentaho build system restrictions)
  • Tested in IE and Firefox

Installation instructions

From 3.0 versions, there's an installer supplied that requires Java version >= 1.5.

The sources can be built usingCBF. For versions older than 2.1 This kind of setup is not required, and should be straightforward to find how to patch those files to your installation. Inside are patches for tomcat (patches/target-preconfiguredinstall-tomcat/) and jboss (patches/target-preconfiguredinstall/)

In this file you will find some hints on how to do a manual install. Download

Sample dashboards included; After the serves goes up try to access:


  • v3.2
    • New OpenFashChart Component.
    • JfreeChart Caption feature: Zoom , Export Chart (Excel,CSV), Change Type (BarChart,PieChart) and Show pivot details.
    • DialChart now supports float values.
    • Navigate Component:
      • Render Optimization.
      • Current template included in folder links.
    • ContentList Component new mode that shows parent folders
    • OlapUtils Improvements:
      • Exclude optimization.
      • DrillUp Support.
      • Allow single filter reset.
    • Implemented array support in parameters (Now non scalar parameters are sent to Pentaho as multi key/values)
    • Allow the MonthpickerComponent to display the months within the max and min date range.
    • ToggleButtonsComponents with query definition.
    • Timeplot:
      • Timeplot error for datasources with NAN(not a number) values.
      • Plots after the seventh plot have always the same plotcolor.
    • JfrreChartComponent:
      • An error is thrown when no data exists.
      • Miscalculated topCount for category datasets.
      • Values enconding problem
    • OlapUtils:
      • Dimension analysis error.
      • Exclude after expand not working.
    • Unable to close window for ExecuteXaction component.
    • Unable to change checkBox previous selected value.
  • v3.1
    • Moved to the plugin architecture
    • Released with pentaho 3.0
  • v3.0 - Moved all new trunk/ functionalities into stable release
  • v2.1-RC1
    • Same features as 2.0.1 but compatible with pentaho 2.0-RC1
    • Removed dashboard links since they don't make sense to use with mantle
  • v2.0.1
    • Html selectors lacked enclosing quotes
    • preExpressions are now optional
    • Fixed bug in selectors regarding names with spaces included
    • Implemented preChange and postChange in selector (thanks to Kevin Haas)
    • For selectors, a fixed array of values are now accepted in the parameter 'valuesArray'
    • Added pivot component
    • Removed the url-template bug in samples_broadcast example (thanks to Maria Roldan)
    • Added 2 new steel-wheels alike example (thanks to Harris Ward)
    • CBF 2.0 compatible
  • v2.0.0
    • Initial release
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