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  • February 3, 2010 - Pentaho Reporting 3.6 overview and demo
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Kurtis Cruzada, Pentaho Product Manager, demonstrated some of the new features and changes in Pentaho Report Designer version 3.6 and BI Server 3.5.2.

List of New Features

New Page Setup UI

Data Palette

Mondrian Roles

Enhancements to Parameters

Environment Variables

New XY Line Area Chart

JDBC Security

Enable/Disable Auto Submit


The WebEx Recording Server was down and we were not able to record the event. The following 5 videos are a re-recording that Kurtis did after the WebEx. Due to YouTube restrictions on length, it has been broken into 5 parts. The overall time is about 35 minutes.






Other Resources

Pentaho Report Designer 3.6.0-stable

NOTE: If you plan to publish reports to the Pentaho BI Server, you will need BI Server version 3.5.2 or newer. You can download it here when it's available.