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This covers the CDF 3.0 installation for pentaho 2.0 Stable on Linux/Mac.  These instructions assume that you have already installed the BI-Server correctly.  You should shutdown the server before starting this process if you can.  If not you have to restart the server for the changes to take effect.

First follow the link to the download site and grab the cdf installer for the latest stable.  Right now its the lisbon installer.

Open Terminal/X-term and run:

java -jar cdf-3.0-lisbon-installer.jar (Use the name of your installer if a new version if available)

The installer will start and you just have to follow it to the end.  There is one question where it asks for to the solution directory.  This is the pentaho-solution directory in your file system.

When it says you are completed, then start the bi-server and login to the Pentaho User Console.

Mine looks like this, notice the CDF directory in the browser:

If you don't have the CDF directory in the browser go to menu and click Tools->Refresh->Repository Cache

That should bring up the CDF directory.  When you open it and click Start Here under Files, it should look something like this:

 You are ready to go.

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