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Milestone (M) builds occur throughout the development cycle when a significant set of features or bugs have been implemented. The build will be stable enough for testing those new changes but may have introduced new bugs or instabilities to other parts of the code. Milestones give the community an opportunity to provide feedback on a feature while there is still time to change it during that development cycle. Milestone builds should never be put into production.

Download pages also available for Stable Builds and Release Candidates.

There are currently no Milestones available for testing.

Where to go from here...
  • Need Help - I would like more information about the available downloads and builds
  • Get Me Started - Show me the most likely downloads for a beginner grouped by task
  • Stable Builds - I want to use or evaluate Pentaho, show me all the stable builds
  • Release Candidates - I want a preview of what's next and to help with testing, show me all the RCs
  • Milestones - I want to try new features in time to provide feedback to the developers, show me the milestones
  • CI Builds - I want to help develop new features and test specific bug fixes
  • Source Code - I want to write or debug code
  • EE Evaluation - I would like to try the enterprise features and be assisted with my evaluation
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