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For the past 2 years, the Pentaho community has had a European meet up. The first was in Mainz Germany and the second was in Barcelona Spain. This year we've decided to go to sunny Portugal, Lisbon.

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What kind of event?

The event is a very informal meet up for Pentaho people from around Europe (and further afield if your boss doesn't mind footing the air fare (smile) ), to discuss the latest and greatest in Pentaho Innovation and other geek stuff. Community members are invited to give a Pentaho related presentation of their choosing. The intent is to keep it community oriented and not Pentaho marketing driven.

The format will be similar to BarCamp - Community members are invited give a presentation or facilitate a session related to using Pentaho technology to solve problems. In addition to community sessions, most of the Pentaho Architects will be there to show off their latest stuff. People should be free to break off into groups and work together.

This is intended to be a community event - for the community and by the community. We have been taking feedback via Pentaho forums, IRC and through comments in this wiki. If there is a topic that you want to talk about or present on, please ask for a speaking slot or discuss in the forums.

  • Informal
  • Technically oriented
  • Not a Pentaho sales and marketing event
  • Alcohol available
  • Opportunity to show off stuff you have been working on.
  • Everyone participates
  • Minimal costs for attending.

Friday 24th September

Starting at 9:00 pm – meeting at “Largo de Camões” in the beautiful village of Cascais
04:00 am – Find a joint that sells something to eat
04:30 am – Drag Tom to the hotel

An alternative: Portugal 2010 Gathering - Talk Proposals

Saturday 25th September

09:30 am – Gathering in Hotel Albatroz Cascais
10:00 am – Presentations
13:00 pm – Lunch TBD
14:00 pm – Presentations
16:20 pm – Small coffe break at the meeting room and terrace
16:30 pm – Presentations cont.
18:30 pm – End of presentations
20:00 pm – Dinner and drinks, somewhere

Please see: Portugal 2010 Gathering - Talk Proposals

Sunday 26th September

10:00 pm - Gathering for bowling and games sessions
14:00 pm - Return to Cascais. Everyone's free to keep doing whatever they want

Presentation List

Here's the final list

  • 10h00: Doug Moran - Community update
  • 10h30: Pedro Pinheiro - CDA (Community Data Access)
  • 11h00: Julian Hyde - Mondrian stuff
  • 11h30: Matt Casters - Dynamic Kettle
  • 12h00: Aaron Phillips - Plugins and extension points
  • 12h30: Nelson Sousa - CDE (Community Dashboard Editor)
  • 13h00: lunch time
  • 14h00: Tom Barber and Paul Stoellberger - PAT
  • 14h30: Jan Aertsen (with Matt) on the Kettle Franchise Framework (KFF) and much more
  • 15h00: Nuno Moreira - Pentaho Dashboards. Breaking barriers
  • 15h30: Jos van Dongen - Data Mining
  • 16h00: Dan (Codek) - Approaches to implementations and methodology
  • coffee break
  • 16h30: André Simões - PDI job/transformation framework to be used as a BI project template
  • 17h00: Pedro Alves - CCC (Community Charting Components)
  • 17h30: Roland Bouman - Kettle cookbook
  • 18h00: Jens Bleuel - Concept and Realization of a Watchdog for PDI

An overview of all presentations with slides has been made available during the event.

Event Organization

See forum thread:

How to get there

Once you are in Lisbon Airport you can take a taxi to your hotel in Cascais depending of the time you arrive the taxi could cost between 35€ and 45€ - be careful with taxi drivers.
If you prefer you can take the Aerobus from the Airport to Cais do Sodré Station (last stop) and then take the train to Cascais (also last stop), than you can walk to your hotel if it is close to the station or take a taxi – this will cost around 5€ (without taxi).

See forum thread:

Accommodation Ideas

There is a list of a few hotels in Cascais and Estoril that we suggest.
All hotels at these dates are almost full so you better book it as soon as possible, we suggest

See forum thread:

Registrations / Who's Going

Please register over here (it's free):

Just about all other decisions depend on having a good idea whether there will be 10 people or 100 people attending. Respond to the forum if you are sure you can be there and let us know if you can volunteer to help, or want to do something like a demo or discussion or puppet show etc.

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Twitter hashtag: #PentahoMeetup10

Pictures from the event


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