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Next Meeting: Early 2014 - Skillsmatter

Join the meetup group here: (To keep informed on the latest news and events)

After the success of the last meeting where we concentrated on Hadoop - this time we will concentrate on Column oriented DB stores of the type especially suited to data analytics / Data Warehousing.

Provisional Agenda (Still Subject to minor change)




Meet, drinks and chat


Presentations from up to 4 column DB Vendors including Infobright, Vectorwise, Luciddb and Rainstor


Live Database bakeoff (Details to be confirmed)


Continue discussions in the pub

Signup page (To be updated on Monday 4th April)

If anyone wants any information then contact codek (codek1 on twitter) or magicaltrout (Linked in/twitter/irc/phone/skype/wherever!)

See forum page here:

Future Events

Early 2014

Please let us know if you have any topics or vendors you'd like to see on the agenda, or if you'd like to present something.

Previous Meeting: 16th Oct 2014

See blog

Previous Meeting: 17th Feb (Hadoop)

See the videos here:

Previous meeting: October 27th 2010

Okay so having started somewhat of a trend of prospective user groups I figure I should write a wiki page about what is planned for the first PLUG on October 27th.

So the format would appear to be pretty straightforward initially...

1) Meet and greet (6:30pm -7:00)

2) Presentations (TBC, see table below)

3) Go to the pub




PAT AND/OR using Hudson to manage your test and productions environments and keep them in sync.



Harris Ward

Adhoc Reporting with CDF

Pedro Alves

Something amazing using javascript

Jon Durrant

Integrating end user data loads into the same dashboard they report through



I have ideas about future workshops and stuff. If people want certain topics covering(regarding the CE stack) then let me know.

Also hopefully down the road we'll be able to secure some special guest speakers if we get a reasonable turn out.

Please register here: