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Create sample applications that show any of these capabilities:

  • Desktop
    • My First AWT Application
    • My First Swing Application
    • My First Command Line Application
    • My First Metadata Query Application
  • Web
    • My First AJAX Application
    • My First Struts Application
    • My First Slide Application
    • My First JFaces Application
    • My First Portal Application
    • My First IIS Application
  • Web Service
    • My First PHP Application
    • My First Ruby on Rails Application
    • My First Open Lazlo Application

These sample are to help developers become familiar with the platform and integration points.

For each sample:

Provide a core set of samples that show only the basic operations of the API without additional functionality. You can also provide other samples that show more advanced usage or complicated examples. Here are some guidelines for the core samples:

  • Initialization: show what code is necessary to initialize the API. 
  • Login: show what code is necessary to login to the BI server.
  • Navigation: show how to get folders and lists of files from the BI server.
  • Action Sequence/Report Parameters: show how to get the parameters required to run a report or action sequence
  • Action Sequence/Report Execution: show how to run an action sequence
    • that generates HTML
    • that generates a PDF
    • that returns a result set
    • that returns atomic data
  • Metadata
    • List metadata models: make calls to get a list of the available metadata models
    • Get metadata model: make calls to get the details of a specified metadata model
    • Construct and run a metadata query: create a metata query and submit it to the server to get data back.

For each sample:

  • Identify any imports or libraries that are needed and say why they are needed.
  • Comment the code
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