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Pentaho ChartBeans

Pentaho ChartBeans is a wrapper around existing "chart engines" (such as JFreeChart and Open Flash Chart). Wrapping these chart engines creates a single way of expressing charts.

Documentation Links

ChartBeans Tutorial:
Introduction to Pentaho ChartBeans

Pentaho ChartBeans Wiki *

* Under construction. Some parts of this documentation may be obsolete/inaccurate.

Core Contributors

Nick Baker
Curtis Boyden
David Kincade
Mat Lowery
Gretchen Moran
Angelo Rodriguez
Bill Seyler

Source Code Access

Relevant SVN Locations:

Pentaho ChartBeans Subversion repository: svn://
Pentaho ChartBeans ChartComponent Subversion repository: svn://

Note: Building the projects follows the Pentaho Common Build. Run ant -projecthelp for a list of the most common targets.

Community Links

ChartBeans forum:

To discuss Pentaho ChartBeans, please post in the Pentaho Forums. Use the BI Server and Platform forum.

ChartBeans JIRA:

To create defect reports or improvement requests please use the Pentaho JIRA. Use the Pentaho BI Server project and the ChartBeans component when creating JIRA cases.

General Pentaho IRC: ##pentaho

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