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De-serialize from file

The De-serialize from file step, formerly known as Cube Input, reads rows of data from a binary Kettle file containing rows and metadata.
WARNING: Use this step to store short lived data only! Pentaho cannot guarantee that the file format will stay the same
between different versions of Pentaho Data Integration.




Step Name

Name of the step; this name has to be unique in a single transformation.


The name of the Kettle cube file to be generated.


Allows you to limit the number of rows written to


the cube file. A value of zero (0) indicates no size limit (optional).

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  1. user-c4ac4

    If you try to read a file that has zero rows in it you will get an error as shown here:

    1) In your job add a 'Delete File' step before your transform that generates the output file.
    2) In the 'Serialize to File' step set the 'Do not create file at start' flag to checked.
    3) In your job, right before the transform that is going to read in the file add a 'File Exsts' step.
    4) On true, run the transform that loads the file
    5) On false, skip your transform.

    You can also do the file exists check within a transform.