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This job entry allows you to move a number of files and/or folders to alternate locations on your file system.

This works also on remote file systems (via VFS, e.g. with FTP.

Example for a move (rename) of a file on a FTP server (username/password must be given for source and destination).

General tab

In this tab you can specify the files and/or folders to move



Job entry name

The name of the job entry.
Note : This name has to be unique in a single job. A job entry can be placed several times on the canvas, however it will be the same job entry.


  • Include Subfolders: also move the content of sub-folders
  • Move empty folders : also move empty folders
  • Simulate : don't actually move anything, just see if it's possible at all.
  • Copy previous results to args : use the result files from the previous job entry (entries) as files and/or folders to move.

Files / Folders

You can specify the list of files or folders with destinations and wildcards in this grid.
You can add a different source/destination on each line.
NOTE: You can use the "Add" button to add a line to the Files/Folders list

Destination file

In this tab you can specify the destination of the files and/or folders and their new filenames.



Destination file

  • Create destination folder : use this option to create the destination folder
  • Destination is a file
  • Do not keep folder structure : flatten the sub-folder structure if any sub-folders are used
  • Add date to destination filename (yyyyMMdd or 20091231)
  • Add time to destination filename (HHmmss or 235959)
  • Specify date time format : allows you to specify your own date-time format. The default is  yyyyMMdd'_'HHmmss
  • Add date before extension
  • If destination file exists: select one of these options:
    • Do nothing
    • Overwrite destination file
    • Create file with unique name
    • Delete source file
    • Move source file to folder : use the lower part of the dialog (next option in this grid)
    • Fail

Move to folder

  • Destination folder : the target folder to move to
  • Create folder
  • Add date
  • Add time
  • Specify format : allows you to specify your own date-time format. The default is  yyyyMMdd'_'HHmmss
  • If file exists in destination folder: select one of these options:
    • Do nothing
    • Overwrite file
    • Unique name
    • Fail




Success on

  • Success condition : select one of these option:
    • Success when all works fine
    • Success when at least x files moved (specify x in the limit field below)
    • Success when number of errors lesser than  (specify the max number of errors in the limit field below)

Result files name

Add files to result files name : add the target file names to the list of result files of this job entry for use in the next job entries.

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