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This step compares the data from two tables (provided they have the same lay-out). It'll find differences between the data in the two tables and log it. (since 5.0)




Step name

Name of the step; This name has to be unique in a single transformation

Reference connection / Compare connection

Database connections from which the reference/compare table data will come.

Reference schema field / Compare schema field

contain the schema names for the reference/compare table.

Reference table field / Compare table field

contain the actual table names. This means that you could compare two tables with a different name, as long as they have the same column names.

Key fields field

should contain a comma separated list of they fields that make up the 'primary' key of the table(s) you are comparing. The primary key is needed because without this information the two tables cannot be correctly joined.

Exclude fields field

contains a comma separated list of columns that you want to exclude from the comparison. E.g. because they exist in the first table, but not in the second.

Number of errors field

allows you to specify the name of the output column that will contain the total number of errors found for the comparison of your tables.

Number of reference/compare table records field

allows you to specify the name of the field that will contain the actual number of records found in each table.

Number of left/inner/right join errors field

allows you to specify the name of the field(s) that will contain the number of errors found for each join type.

Error handling key description input field

allows you specify the name of the output field for the 'where clause" of the record that gave an error.

Error handling reference/compare value input field

allows you to specify the output field names for the actual values that differ.

More Information

This was a contribution from the KFF project. More information and samples can be found here:

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  1. user-23866

    How I find out two colomn difference in in PDI.which tool I used for the difference between two field