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You can use the Table Exists step to verify if a certain table exists in a database.  The result of this step is a boolean flag field.




Step name

The name of the step. This name has to be unique in a single transformation.


The database connection to use

Schema name

The schema of the table to look for

Table name field

The name of the field that will contain the database table name to look for.

Result fieldname

The name of the field that will contain the boolean result flag in the output of this step.

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  1. user-e9190

    What can I do with the result?

    I would like to use it in order so create the table if it does not exist...

  2. user-61c61

    As I think of it, you can generate a stream with each of the names of the tables you want to check (read them from a TXT faile, for example), and add the column with the check value (TRUE or FALSE) and execute a script (with the "Execute Script" tool), then "select values" and send each table name to its script and check, if it doesn't exists (check column = FALSE), execute the script.

    This is just one way to solve the problem... Not the only one. And without all of the information and context, it's hard to assure you that this will fully work for what you need.