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Task scheduler issues

Reported with Windows Server 2008 (confirmed to work fine with Windows Server 2003, Vista and others):

Normally the "Start in" field has the same value as the path to Kettle and in this case works with other operating systems. In Win 2008 it seems it does not set the folder correctly or other problems prevent it from starting Java.

A workaround is to have a wrapper batch file like this example wrapper.bat:

cd "C:\Program Files\Kettle 3.0.4"
call "C:\Program Files\Kettle 3.0.4\Kitchen.bat" /rep:"somerep" /job:"somejob" /dir:yourdir /user:joe /pass:password /level:Basic > C:\LOG\Kettlelog.log

For trouble shooting, you could put a "pause" after the last line.

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  1. user-44278

    For those who uses a file repository that is on a network share and you want to schedule the task to run while the user is not logged in, know that whatever user you set the task to run as, you have to remount the network share in the batch file before calling kitchen. Even if the share is mounted on boot, it won't be accessible from the 'session' of the task.

    So the batch will somewhat look like:

    net use X: \\path\to\share\folder
    cd "C:\Program Files\Kettle 3.0.4"
    call "C:\Program Files\Kettle 3.0.4\Kitchen.bat" /file:"X:\folder\in\which\to\find\job.kjb"