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  • 10. Open Scrum by the Numbers
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  1. Decide which method of Hardening / Acceptance will be used.
  2. Decide who will be Product Owner(s) and Scrum Master(s).
  3. Decide who is in the Core Scrum Team (committed, schedulable members) and Extended Scrum Team (non-committed, community members).
  4. Decide how long the Sprints will be.
  5. Decide how often and with what technology the Scrum meetings will be held.
  6. Decide how the notes/results of the Scrum meetings will be communicated, for example wiki, forum, email etc.
  7. Decide if the Extended Scrum Team will be involved in the Sprint Planning Session and, if so, how.
  8. Decide how the Extended Scrum Team will be recognized.
  9. Decide if daily builds will be made available for the Extended Scrum Team or if they will do their own builds from the source.

    Release Preparation

  10. Product Owner: Create Product Backlog.
  11. Product Owner: Publish the Product Backlog on the project website as a document or wiki page.
  12. Product Owner: Create 2-4 best-guess Sprint Backlogs.
  13. Product Owner: Publish the Sprint Backlogs on the project website with intended dates.

    Sprint Preparation

  14. Product Owner and Core Scrum Team: Hold the Sprint Planning Session
  15. Product Owner: Ask the community to participate based on their interest in the individual features in the upcoming Sprint.


  16. Scrum Master: Hold Scrum Meetings at the decided upon interval. Publish short notes on the project website as a Blog or wiki page.
  17. Scrum Team: As features are completed publish documentation / screenshots etc to project website.
  18. Product Owner: Perform Feature Acceptance Reviews of features from current and previous Sprints.

    Sprint Retrospective

  19. Build the Milestone release and post to download site.
  20. Review the contributions made by the Extended team and recognize them (e.g.
  21. Product Owner: Create and publish the release notes.
  22. Product Owner: Determine if the feature set for the current release is complete. Once it is perform Sprints for bug-fixing and Acceptance Reviews only.
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