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  • Configuring a project to work with ivyDE
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This page will walk you through configuring an ivyDE Managed Eclipse container that sits on your project's classpath.

You will only need to perform these steps if your project has not yet been configured to work with IVY. If someone has already configured your project and committed the modified .classpath file, then you can skip this page and go to Developing with ivyDE.

The following steps are an adaptation of ivyDE's guide here.  If something is unclear in these steps please reference ivyDE's instructions.

1. Right click on your project node in Eclipse and select _Build Path-> Add Libraries...


2. From the list of libraries select IvyDE Managed Dependencies and click Next >

3. On the Main tab, make sure your Ivy File is points to the ivy.xml file for your project (relative path is preferred) and that all your configurations are selected.

4. On the Advanced tab...

  1. check Enable project specific settings and set your Ivy settings path to
  2. Set Build Properties File to Specifying a properties file here allows ivyDE to perform property substitution within the ivy.xml file.  IMPORTANT : If you don't see this field in the dialog shown, make sure to install a more recent version of IvyIDE.   Building without the build properties files specified will not work.
  3. For convenience you may also want to check Order alphabetically the classpath entries (hey I didn't write the English translation (smile) )

5. Hit F5 to refresh your project in the Eclipse package explorer. 

You should now see a library titled ivy.xml (there may be a short delay before content appears under the library node) That's it!  If you expand that library you will see your project dependencies listed there.

Eclipse may get confused

At this point you will want to remove any static jar references from your .classpath otherwise eclipse may get confused about there being duplicate jars in the classpath.

No workspace Ant prep needed with ivyDE

You may have noticed the Ivy Managed Dependencies library you just added is referencing jars from your ivy cache (<home>.ivy2/cache), not the locally retrieved jars (lib, test-lib). The effect is you do not have to run any ant targets to prep your workspace for development. ivyDE does not use the ivy retrieve lib directories in your project, it looks for your dependencies directly in the ivy cache.

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