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  • How to Access Files and Settings in BI platform
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Depending on what type of file or setting you are looking for, one of the following APIs will apply...

System Configuration and Files


  • BIServer plugins
  • BIServer configuration (Spring files, security config, etc)
  • Tenant-specific plugin configuration files
  • Tenant-specific system config files (BI Component config, xsl, olap datasources, etc)
  • Temporary files
  • Audit log raw files
  • Parts of what is currently available through pentaho.xml


In VM -> ISystemSettings Latest Javadoc
Web -> (Are we going to support this?)

New methods to add to ISystemSettings

File getGlobalConfigDir();
File getPluginsRootDir();
File getPluginDir(String pluginId);
File getSystemConfigDir(String tenantId);
File getPluginConfigDir(String tenantId, String pluginId);
File getTempDir(String tenantId);
File getAuditDir(String tenantId);
File getConentRepositoryDir(String tenantId);

Document getGlobalConfigDocument(String relativePathToFile);
Properties getGlobalConfigProperties(String relativePathToFile);
File getGlobalConfigFile(String relativePathToFile);

File getTempFile(String tenantId, String fileName);
File getAuditLog(String tenantId);
File getContentRepositoryFile(String tenantId, String fileName);

Document getSystemConfigDocument(String tenantId, String relativePathToFile);
Properties getSystemConfigProperties(String tenantId, String relativePathToFile);
File getSystemConfigFile(String tenantId, String relativePathToFile);

Document getPluginConfigDocument(String tenantId, String pluginId, String relativePathToFile);
Properties getPluginConfigProperties(String tenantId, String pluginId, String relativePathToFile);
File getPluginConfigFile(String tenantId, String pluginId, String relativePathToFile);

Unified Repository


  • Tenant-created solutions (xactions, prpt, localization files, etc)
  • System-required xactions
  • Plugin-required xactions

In VM -> IUnifiedRepository Latest Javadoc
Web -> http://localhost:8080/api/files/:content

Plugin Files and Settings


In VM -> IPluginResourceLoader Latest Javadoc Code Example
Web ->

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