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|-- cache
`-- local
|-- ant-contrib
|-- cobertura
|-- ivy
`-- tmp

IVY is the dependency resolver tool of choice for Pentaho projects.

  • .ivy2/cache - IVY will cache downloaded artifacts on your disk here in order to minimize downloads.
  • .ivy2/local - Developers have the option of publishing to their local repository during a build, e.g. ant publish-local. The directory .ivy2/local is that hierarchical, file-based repository.

The common_build.xml Ant script requires custom and third-party Ant libraries in order to run all targets, however it does not require that the user have these pre-installed. Common build is able to bootstrap itself by intelligently fetching libraries as needed. When common build fetches such a library, it will store it in a well-known directory, .pentaho_build_cache, and not attempt to retrieve it again as long so it is available there.

  • .pentaho_build_cache - root directory where all common build dependencies are maintained
  • .pentaho_build_cache/tmp - temporary sandbox used by common build

Your Workspace

|-- eclipse-bin
|-- bin
|   |-- classes
|   |-- javadoc
|   |-- reports
|   |   |-- cobertura
|   |   |   |-- html
|   |   |   `-- xml
|   |   `-- test
|   |       |-- html
|   |       `-- xml
|   `-- test
|       |-- classes
|       |-- cobertura-bin
|       `-- instrumented-classes
|-- dev-lib
|-- dist
|-- lib
|-- src
|-- test-src
`-- test-lib


  • src - Application source code
  • test-src - Test source code


  • lib - Directory where IVY will deposit "default" (compile-time) dependencies, when it is asked to retrieve them (ant resolve-default).
  • test-lib - Directory where IVY will deposit "test" dependencies, e.g. junit4.jar, when it is asked to retrieve them (ant resolve-test).
  • dev-lib - non-IVY directory where developer can temporarily link jars into the project. Common build will look for jars in dev-lib and include them in the build.
    (warning) dev-lib should never be committed to SVN!

    When developing with the IVY Eclipse plugin, ivyDE, IVY-populated lib directories are ignored. Your Eclipse project will reference jars outside of the project space, in .ivy2/cache.

Notable Files

  • build.xml - Ant build file for the Pentaho project. This build file includes the common_build.xml and defines any project specific build functionality.
  • common_build.xml - Standardized Ant build file for all Pentaho projects
  • ivy.xml - Defines all the dependencies for the Pentaho project.

Distributable Archives

  • dist - Archive files produced by the build are placed in dist, this would include .jar, .zip, .tar.gz, .war, .ear, etc.

All Other Build Output

Build output has typically been placed in mix of hierarchical and flat directories from the project root. In an effort to tidy up the project workspace, bin has been reorganized to become the root of the hierarchy of all (non-archive) build output.

  • bin/classes - Classes compiled from project application source code are placed here. (warning) Compiled classes used to be placed directly in bin, keep that in mind if you run into strange behavior such as incorrect jar content from your custom build scripts.
  • bin/test - Root directory for any resources that may be needed to run unit tests, such as compiled test code and instrumented application source code (for code coverage tools)
  • bin/reports - Root directory for all kinds of reports the build might generate about the project, e.g. JUnit test reports, Cobertura or Clover coverage reports, FindBugs static analysis reports.
  • bin/javadoc - Javadoc html is placed here for browsing (javadoc may also be archived as a zip or targz in which case the archive would be placed in dist).

eclipse-bin - Eclipse will place compiled java classes here as opposed to bin which is reserved for the Ant-based build. The two are kept separate so Eclipse will not compete with Ant.

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