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Welcome to Wingman!

The Wingman ( ) is a utility system to validate code contributions before they are evaluated for their technical merit. The general idea is to automate as much of the quality checks as possible upfront, thus leaving the developers to focus on the technical aspects of the code.

Using Wingman

Wingman is entirely automated and does not need to be launched manually. It regularly scans incoming pull requests and triggers the builds as required. If you'd like to see Wingman for yourself, the web ui can be reached at

It is however possible to launch builds manually. To do so, you should trigger the wingman job, using proper parameter values. Refer to the help section on the wingman job. Note however that this is not needed in most cases. As a matter of fact, triggering the job manually adds to the queue and makes the builds slower for everyone. We ask that yo exercise patience and only trigger the job when absolutely necessary.

Understanding Wingman

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