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ivyDE is an Eclipse plugin that enables developers to work with projects that use IVY to declare and resolve dependencies from within Eclipse (developers will not have to interface with ant scripts directly).

This document will walk you through how to use ivyDE, an eclipse plugin for IVY, to solve your Eclipse classpath nightmare.  The basic concept behind ivyDE's classpath managment is pretty simple: ivyDE provides a new type of Eclipse classpath library that you can add to your classpath.  This library links to your IVY cache and picks up any changes in your dependencies automatically.


  • a Pentaho project that has an ivy.xml and ivysettings.xml
  • Eclipse


Installing ivyDE
Configuring a project to work with ivyDE
Developing with ivyDE

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  1. user-70582

    How should we handle the situation like the engine project? There are 4 different ivy.xml files (one in each sub-project)?

  2. user-b38ca

    Take a look at the Tip sections in green, I use engine as an illustration actually.